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Peter Barton, Director/Producer

Peter Barton is a veteran documentary filmmaker with three Emmy nominations and three CINE Golden Eagle awards to his credit. He received the Edward R. Murrow Award for Names Can Really Hurt Us, a CBS-TV special used in the classroom to combat prejudice.
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Liz Roman Gallese, Executive Producer/ProducerLRGthenand now


Liz Roman Gallese is an award-winning Internet publisher, author, and journalist. As Vice President & Publisher of Catalyst, she produced an online documentary of the global nonprofit’s half century of advocacy for women in business.

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Jane Startz, Producer


Independent film and television producer Jane Startz’s feature film credits include Ella Enchanted, Tuck Everlasting, The Mighty, and The Indian in the Cupboard, among others.

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Film Advisors

Four distinguished scholars of 20th century U.S. culture, politics, history, and literature are serving as advisors on the humanities content in Women of ’69, Unboxed, and two media experts are guiding presentation across platforms.
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Associate Editors:

Ryan Shasha Kupchik

Chris Brignola


Research Archivist:

Sonia Rainville


Outreach Coordinators:

Leslie Valk Benton ’69

Kris Ford Herrick ’69


Production Interns:

Kelsey S. Amentt ’12

Dawid Pypec ’12


Website Design and Development:

Cynthia Menard/Withywindle Web Design


Print Design:

Gwen Jamison

Diane Oltarzewski ’69


1969 “Yearbox” Photographer:

Sedat Pakay

Original Music:

MaryLeigh Roohan ’13

Bass Guitar:

Meg Duffy

Sound Engineer:

Jason Brown